The Quinn Condo Site Plan


The Quinn Condo at Bartley Road Singapore, A Fusion of French Indochine Architecture and Modern Interior Finishing

The Quinn Condo @ Bartley Road Singapore an amount of 139 apartment is Inspired by France Indochina Style. The Quinn recalls the charmed live of ease and elegance linked to France Indochina.

Set amidst the particular tranquil Bartley neighbourhood, The Quinn combines the distinctiveness connected with France Indochina style iconic architecture using the latest in sophisticated interior design and style. The Quinn offers you a new contemporary yet classic home that may remain timeless in its beauty, form and function.

The Quinn Condominium Facade is distinguished from other households by distinct Mansard roof along with louvered aluminium windows against smooth glass and simple iron railings. Over that, prominent pilasters and generous planters consult privacy on elevated balconies and also the large frontage preserves quiet, minimalist allure because of its inhabitants. All creates the romantic Quinn Condo with a refined aesthetic.

Mansard Roof

A Mansard or Mansard Ceiling (also called a French roof or curb roof) is really a four-sided gambrel-style hip roof seen as two slopes on each of its sides with all the lower slope, punctured by dormer house windows, at a steeper angle compared to the upper. The steep roof with windows creates an extra floor of habitable space, (a garret), and reduces the complete height of the roof for a given number of habitable storeys. The upper slope of the roof most likely are not visible from street level whenever viewed from close proximity towards building.

Why Did The Quinn add Mansard Roof?

The quinn mansard sectionBeside adding an affect french architecture, the Mansard style makes maximum utilization of the interior space of the attic and a simple way to add one or more storeys to an existing (or new) constructing without necessarily requiring any brickwork. Often the decorative potential with the Mansard is exploited through the use of convex or concave curvature with elaborate dormer window surrounds.


Your Quinn condo Pilaster

A pilaster is really a slightly projecting column built into or placed on the face of a wall structure. Most commonly flattened or sq . in form, pilasters can also take some sort of half-round form or the shape of any kind of column, including tortile. Rounded examples are more often called engaged columns.

In discussing Leon Battista Alberti’s use of pilasters, which Alberti reintroduced in wall-architecture, Rudolf Wittkower wrote, “The pilaster could be the logical transformation of the column for that decoration of a wall. It can be defined as a flattened column that has lost its three-dimensional and tactile value. ”

A pilaster appears having a capital and entablature, also in “low-relief” or flattened resistant to the wall. The pilaster is an architectural take into account classical architecture used to provide appearance of a supporting column also to articulate an extent of retaining wall, with only an ornamental operate. In contrast, an engaged column or buttress can support the structure of your wall and roof above.

Pilasters often appear on the sides of a door frame or window opening on the facade of a building, and are sometimes paired with columns or pillars set directly looking at them at some distance away from the wall, which support the roof structure above, such being a portico. These vertical elements they can double to support a recessed archivolt all-around a doorway. The pilaster could be replaced by ornamental brackets supporting the entablature or even a balcony over a doorway.

The style of using this element from Ancient greek and Roman architecture was adopted in the Italian Renaissance, gained wide acceptance with Greek Revival architecture, and remains seen in some modern.

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